NBC Raffle

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7′ x 12′ Ground Covers – FOUR winners!

Anyone who has ever set up an ex-pen outside knows how important it is to have a ground cover between your freshly-groomed dogs and the icky, yucky mud! These reinforced nylon ground covers are great for keeping your dogs clean. These covers are perfect for placing on your patio or under exercise pens to eliminate mess and prevent surface damage. This material has UV protection in the fabric so the sun will not damage or destroy it.

Thank you to Dunwishin Enterprises, LLC for providing these great raffle items!

Estimated retail value: $44.50 plus shipping, per mat.

This is a LIMITED AVAILABILITY drawing and will end when 75 tickets are sold.

Four winners will be drawn.

There are three options to purchase tickets:

3 tickets for $15, 2 tickets for $11, 1 ticket for $6

Purchase Tickets – SOLD OUT!!