2023 National Event Committee

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Show Chair: Ann Wolf

Assistant Show Chair: David Wolf

Show Secretary: Floss Billger

Show Superintendent: MB-F

Show Treasurer: Jessica Parker

Chief Ring Steward: Michael Simpson

Ring Stewards: Tom Krier, Terri Giannetti, & Connie Conger

Scent Work Chairs: Patricia Sayles & Felicity Trammel

Agility Chairs: Carolyn Dostal & Laura McNay Hiatt

Agility Trial Secretary: Christie Bowers

Obedience/Rally Chair: Lydia Joyner

Hunting Performance Test: Michael Simpson & Mandy Palmer

Top 20 and NOHS Event Chair: Jennifer Bell

Junior Showmanship Liaison: Chanel LeFever

Performance Parade: Diane Ditrrich & Deb Krier

Stud Dog Showcase: Cara Ann Wright Gunderson, Genevieve Ridderhoff-Garcia, & Laura Chamness

Hospitality Chair: Sheryl Castelberry-Kendrick

Awards Chairs: Nathalie Bearden & Tammy Gage Williams

Ribbon Chair: Leah Santini, Lyndsay Bryson, & Erin Fischer-Hill

Flowers/Decorations: Alene Peek

Emergency Coordinator: David Wolf

Grounds/Grooming Coordinators: David Wolf

RV Coordinator: David Wolf

Logo Design & Merchandise: Tammy Gage Williams & Nathalie Bearden

Website: Deb Krier

Fundraising: Rachel Lucas

Official Show Photographer: Malinda Julien

Official Ringside Photographer: Best Shot – Chris Chou

Judges Education: Michelle Sager

Ringside Mentors: Barb Scherer

State Baskets: Jennifer Leitao

Health Testing: Darlene Stuart & Pat Knox Plana

Vendor Coordinator: Erica Ryan & Ann Harris Chaffin

Catalog Ads: Kris Hurley

Photo Contest: Trish Pittman

Welcome Bags: Dennis Goggins & Kathleen Berry Weaver

AmBRNet Event: Cathy Palmer & Trish Pittman