2022 National Event Committee

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Show Chair: Deb Krier

Assistant Show Chair: Kay Robert

Performance Events Coordinator: Kim Kesselring

Obedience/Rally Chair: Ellen Heaton

Agility Trial: Jennifer Rottner Light

Hunting Performance Test: Mandy Palmer

Scent Work Chair: Ellen Heaton

Show Secretary: Floss Billger

Show Treasurer: Jessica Parker

Chief Ring Steward: Tom Krier

Ring Steward: Ann Roth

Fundraising: Rachel Lucas

Trophies: Nita Bitner (assisted by Junior Averie Vestal)

Rosettes: Lindsay Bryson and Erin Fischer-Hill

Performance Trophy Coordinator: Lucy McPherson

Hospitality/Meals: Barbara Carol Scherer

Welcome Bags: Kathleen Berry Weaver

Vendors: Nanette Prideaux

Catalog Ads: Kara Hite

Grounds: Tom Krier and Ted Swedalla

Ringside Mentoring: Barbara Carol Scherer

Judges Education: Michelle Sager

Logo: Chelsea Metteer

International Guests: Oksana Gavrilova

NBC Raffle: Dave Wolf

State/Region Baskets: Jennifer Leitao

Emergency Coordinator: Jennifer Gonzalez, M.D.

Parking: Brett Sprout, Rob Santini

Hotel/Offsite RV Coordinator: Kay Robert

Institute Farm Accommodations (Cabins): Sharon Clark

Aldie RV Coordination: Tony Saunders

Performance Parade: Diane Dittrich and Deb Krier

Webmaster: Deb Krier