2020 Junior Showmanship Celebration

At this year’s National, the National Beagle Club will be recognizing our Juniors at several special events. On Monday evening, prior to the Top 20 competition, we’ll be highlighting our Juniors at a special showcase.

Each Junior who wants to participate will submit a short biography and a picture for the catalog. The catalog will be combination of the a Top 20 event and Junior Showmanship Celebration.

Each Junior will present their dog in the ring individually, as their bio is read. They will receive a special ribbon and a slip lead to mark their accomplishments. They will also receive a specially designed grooming apron, donated by Kay Robert. There is no fee to participate in this celebration, but the Junior must be entered in the Junior Showmanship Competition.

The Junior Showmanship Competition will be held on Tuesday, and judged by Michael Faulkner, our breed judge. Mr. Faulkner specifically asked to judge Juniors as they are near and dear to his heart.

In the Junior Showmanship Competition, each placement will receive a rosette and trophy or cash prize. (To be decided)

Each Junior Showmanship Competition entry will receive a toy for their beagle.

Additionally, we will be awarding Best Junior $300 and Reserve Best Junior $150, to be used as a scholarship for education or assistance with funding to a trip to Westminster in New York or Royal Canine in Florida. It cannot be split and used for both.

The scholarship must be used within 10 years of the date it was awarded or it will be nullified. The Junior will be reimbursed for expenses for a university, community college or trade school. Receipt should be submitted to the NBC secretary and treasurer, which would include date and school for reimbursement.

The assistance with funds to Westminster or to Royal canine must be used within 3 years of the date it was awarded or will be nullified. The Junior will be reimbursed up to the amount awarded for hotel, plane fare or entry fees by submitting a receipt to the NBC Secretary and treasurer that includes date.

Finally, to end our celebration of our Juniors, on Tuesday evening, Chanel Lefever will be coordinating a pizza party. An experienced former Junior, Chanel will help them with questions and handling tips and just have fun!

Sponsor a Junior’s NBC Supporting Membership!

Supporting Members! Let’s show our support for our up and coming Juniors – the future of showing! – by sponsoring their membership in the National Beagle Club. It’s just $10 and an easy way to encourage these fabulous youngsters. Whether they are a new member or renewing an annual membership, your donation will pay for one year of membership.

Note: this sponsorship is limited to the Juniors who are participating in the 2020 Junior Showmanship Celebration.

Click the green button, then don’t forget to go to your Cart to complete your sponsorship.

We are requesting donations for this special celebration of our Juniors. Please use the buttons below to make a donation via PayPal. Or, contact Leah Santini if you’d like to donate an item or support the activities in another way. All contributions will be recognized in the special event catalog.