Meet Your 2020 National Judges

Bev Davies-Fraser, Sweepstakes Judge

It is an honor to have been chosen to be your Sweeps judge for the 2020 National Beagle Club of America.

I have been in beagles for 29 years and actively breeding since 1997. I breed under the prefix Waskasoo, and have been a registered kennel with the Canadian Kennel Club since 1993.

As any beagle owner knows, most first time owners name their dog Snoopy and I was no different. Snoopy changed everything for me, and was the first dog that I actually showed in the conformation ring. I was hooked.

I have been lucky enough to own and to have bred some lovely beagles over the years. I have had multiple group winning and placing beagles, as well as Specialty winners here in Canada. My breeding program goes back to my first dog Snoopy, and then with the introduction of Scandinavian, Australian and American lines, my type was set. I have had some incredible mentors from around the world and am always available to newcomers to our sport for guidance and leadership.

My life in dogs is pretty full. I am the President of the Beagle Club of Western Canada. I was also a founding member of the Beagle Club of Canada. I am the President of my local Red Deer & District Kennel Club. I am also a certified Therapy Dog Evaluator. My biggest commitment to the breed comes from my desire to breed healthy, sound dogs, with solid temperaments. I am the former Canadian Rep. on the Health & Genetics Committee for the National Beagle Club of America. I continue to test all of my dogs and encourage open and honest communication within our community, in the hopes that we all will benefit in the end.

I have competed at all levels in dog sports with my dogs over the years. I enjoy the challenge of training our smart, stubborn and independent breed. I have been lucky to have bred beagles that excel in agility, obedience, rally, barn hunt, scent hurdling, nose work, and therapy work. I have some hard working puppy buyers who make me look good! My love is still in conformation ring and I look forward to seeing some lovely dogs. This is really a dream come true for me. I thank you for this opportunity.

Michael Faulkner, Conformation, Junior Showmanship and 4-6 Month Puppy Judge

The sport of Purebred Dogs has been an integral part of Michael Faulkner’s life. As a youngster, Michael was active in Junior Showmanship and assisted his parents with their kennel and breeding program. In the late 1960’s, Michael acquired his first Golden Retriever, along with Field Spaniels in the 70s, starting a lifelong love for these two breeds.

During the late 1970’s, Michael pursued his education earning his BFA, MS.ED, from Alfred University, Alfred, New York while maintaining a breeding program and actively showing his Golden Retrievers, Field Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Pointers. Upon the completion of his education, Michael established a partnership with the late David White (Woodspoint Springer Spaniels). For 12 years this team dominated the Sporting Group, completing championships in all of the Sporting breeds, along with numerous group and best in show winners in all seven groups.

Michael has owned, bred and or exhibited eleven multiple best in show winning Golden Retrievers along with owning and breeding champion / group winning, Field Spaniels, Pointers, English Springer Spaniels, Black & Tan Coonhounds and Pugs. He owes his passion and knowledge of the sport to his “English Mum” Mrs. Peggy Grayson (judge/breeder/author) who unselfishly took him under her wing as a youngster (1974) providing decades of mentoring.

Michael retired as a professional handler in 1995 and immediately embarked on a judging career. He is approved to judge all Sporting breeds, Herding Breeds and numerous other breeds in five of the seven groups. He is proud of his numerous National Specialty assignment, international judging experiences, multiple Westminster Kennel Club and AKC National judging assignments.

Michael continues his Golden Retriever breeding program with his partner: Dr. Ann Greenbank, under the “Verdoro and Woodspoint” prefixes and spends countless hours mentoring new judges on several of the Gundog breeds.

Michael is an active Board Member of Take the Lead, member of the GRCA and serves on the Breed Standard Committee.

When Michael is not judging dog shows he keeps busy with his artwork, kayaking, gardening, writing and serves as the Executive Director for a Health Clinic.

Jim Ham, Obedience and Rally Judge

Jim Ham purchased a $100 pet Dalmatian in 1972. That very special bitch became the first Am/Can CH, Am/Can UDT in the breed. Jim has also bred, trained and exhibited other Dals, Smooth Fox Terriers and, his present breed, Border Terriers. Every dog who calls home living with Jim and Helen Ham must go to obedience school. In earlier times, all dogs tracked. Now, they all run agility.

Jim now judges about sixty dog shows each year. He has judged in every state and many foreign countries. Jim is approved to judge all terriers and non-sporting breeds, some hounds, toys and herding. He also judges obedience and rally.

When not judging, he often shows his Border Terrier in agility, obedience and rally. His most famous breed dog, Charlie, a Border Terrier won three BIS and sired 55 champions, Jim recently lost a Charlie son, who ended up two weeks shy of 17. BTW, Popsicle was a frozen champion.

Jim is a retired elementary physical education teacher and former swimming and tennis coach. He enjoys sailing. tennis. paddling and bicycling. He is also a big baseball fan and has attended 161 pro stadiums. He also loves soccer and has traveled to may matches here and in the UK and Europe.